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G-BOX Overview

Industrial Dashboards and Data Logging Solutions

Verticalized Digital Signage Solutions  |  Our Mantra is "If it can be measured, It can be improved."

G-BOX General Solutions purpose Digital video signs are helping companies communicate directly to their employees and customers at the right place and right time. Whether it is in your place of business or other public space, digital signs use compelling video, text, and graphics that gets ten times more attention. With G-BOX digital networked signage, your company can use this powerful technology to provide information to your target segment and get results! Present key business information with high impact, rich-media presentations across a network of digital signage screens.

G-Box solutions provide real time visualizations for metrics on production, stock levels in factories, Log and Plot Analog Data sources like temperature, humidity, Gas concentration, pollution levels using Data acquisition Modules, and also display solutions for Real time information like commodities and currencies prices etc.

G-BOX Solutions

» To Measure, Capture, Log and Visualize Industrial Data.
» Track production every minute of the shift.
» Locate and track line / cell down with reasons.
» Operators can communicate on the linewith Warehouses and Engr. departments without leaving their station.
» Get insight into resource usage like energy consumption, track the actual usage of expensive equipment etc.
» Capture data from Temperature & Humidity sensors, Chemical sensors, Load cells etc.,
» Log and display them on LCD / LED Screens.
» With availability of all data's in a user friendly, easy to interpret format, you can improve efficiency& reduce costs.

G-BOX Application

The G-BOX Digital signage is used for many different purposes and there is no definitive list. However, below are some of the most common applications of digital signage:
» Internal information : current productivity, downtime, reporting of production parameters, corporate messages, health & safety, news, etc.
» Public information : news, weather and local (location specific) information, such as fire exits and traveler information
» Advertising : either related to the location the signage is in or just using the audience reach of the screens for general advertising
» Brand building : in-store digital signage to promote the brand and build a brand identity
» Influencing customer behavior : directing customers to different areas, increasing the dwell time on the store premises
» Enhancing customer experience : applications include the reduction of perceived wait time in restaurant waiting areas, bank queues, etc., as well as recipe demonstrations in food stores
» Enhancing the environment : with interactive screens

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