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Kamal & Co are one of the best designers and sellers of Electronic boards & Display Systems. Based in Chennai, Kamal & Co's products are used in various industries including Manufacturing, Distribution, Trading, Services etc., Kamal & Co is known across India for Quality Products, Reasonable price, Speed in Delivery, and Excellent after sales service.The core activities of the company are in:

  G-BOX |
G-Box solutions provide real time visualizations for metrics on production, incuding TAKT, cycle time based targets, Downtime calculation, Inventory / stock levels in factories/ warehouses, Remote calling system over Wi-Fi / RF, Power Management, Line down annunciators, Operator messaging systems etc. Log and Plot Analog Data sources like temperature, humidity, Gas concentration, pollution levels using Data acquisition Modules, and also display solutions for Real time information like commodities and currencies prices etc.

LED based displays. Kamal & Co provides LED displays, LED signs and ANDON systems for lean manufacturing solutions that will help your company control costs and improve production. From large LED counters to large LED timers to large LED production scoreboards, these digital displays will automate your information gathering processes. Realize immediate improvements in productivity and cost savings.

LED boards display real time production and inventory status, enahancing visual communication and increasing production efficiency. They strengthen the visibility and effectiveness of safety and employee communication messages. The Fixovision™ LED displays are a leading means of achieving the Visual Factory.

  Document Organizers | Organizezy®
Document management systems.Organiezy is a practical tool that can be used in any situation where quantities of important information are needed.Available in A0 / A1 / A2 / A3 / A4 / A5 / A6 / A7 folder formats, information can be easily accessed with these data systems. A wide range of Rigid, Flexible folders in Magnetic and regular varieties available in Landscape and Portrait enable user to display any size any format documents, quicky and allows for easy retrieval.

Operation manuals, Standard Procedures, Recurring Data, Reference Codes, Price Lists, Stock Levels can be refrerred easily with the flip of a finger. The Organizezy® is used to improvize Product Quality, Employee Productivity & building Customer Relationship.

  Shop Floor Displays | FACTORY DISPLAY®
Display Boards, Kaizen, 5S, QS, TPM, TQM displays in a wide variety of finishes can be made for communication of production status, improvements etc on the shopfloor. Material handling systems inc. material trolleys, bins, racks, gravity two bin skate, white trolleys, tool racks etc., In today's business climate, communication needs have to be instantaneous, interactive and proactive allowing employees to create timely decisions based on up-to-the-minute facts of manufacturing process as it massages raw materials into a properly managed production cycle of finished goods.

  Display & Training Boards | FIXOSIGN®
Educational & Training aids inc. white boards, notice boards, magnetic boards etc.,
Exhibition Display Systems inc. Instant Booth, Flash Displays, POP's etc.,


LED Boards

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Shop Floor Displays

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Display & Training Boards

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